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lead work

Lead sheet is one of the oldest and most durable of roofing materials, with many roofs across Hampshire having some form of leadwork on their roof structure. Unfortunately, the qualities of leadwork were not always taken into account when it was fitted to the roof originally, which can cause expensive problems for unwitting property owners.

MEB Roofing Services are qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of roofing materials - from traditional materials such as lead through the more modern technologies involved in single ply roofing membranes.Not only does leadwork need to be correctly installed in the first palce, it also needs expert repair and replacing. Contact us today for a competitive price for leadwork throughout Hampshire.


Pointing is the mortar infill between the is primary weather proofing of the facade,and is very important to the structural integrity of the building.

we can under take partial or total repointing some times if the pointing between the brickwork is so weak that running your hand across loosens it then the actions of try to remove with brushes ect will make it worse and should be repointed any way.

we can oranise patch pointing redoing the missing bits or whole scale repointing of the entire facade pointing styles and colour vary according to the clients individual taste but we recommend the smallest moss unobtrusive joint so as to emphasise the brick work quality repointing will totally rejuvenate tired looking buildings amd totally trasform your home.

replacing or repair tile and slate roofing

Professional roofing installations for your home.

Whether you're looking for a team to help with roofing installations for a new build property, or you're having a home extension designed and built, you can rely on our roofers for an expert service.

Using a range of different materials, you won't be able to tell the difference where the new roof starts and the old one ends thanks to our style matching.

Do you need roof repairs in Hampshire.

Is your roof suffering from general wear and tear? Are there missing tiles from a blustery day? Or has a storm damaged the tiling for your roof? We provide full and part roof repairs dependant on the work you require.

What you can expect from our roofers.
• Full and part roofing installations.
• Roof repairs.
• Improved insulation.
• Specialist materials to last longer>

Improve your energy efficiency.

Keep the heat in your home and the cold and wet out. Using specialist materials designed to withstand intense heat from the sun and the cold of the winter months, you won't have to worry about your tiling for decades. With improved materials comes improved efficiency - and cheaper bills for you! contact us wherever you are in Hampshire and see how we can help you today.

chimney repairs

Don't let your chimney crumble away!

Is your chimney falling victim to general wear and tear? Are you facing storm damage? If your chimney is crumbling and the brickwork is weakening, then don't hesitate to contact us right away.

From part chimney repairs or full chimney replacements, we'll make sure your fitting is in complete working order.

Making sure your lining is working properly.

Increase the efficiency and extend the life expectancy of your chimney with brand new lining. Whether for rebuilds, new installations or damages to your current installations, your chimney will be functioning smoothly thanks to our professional team.

What and how can we help you ?
• Interior and exterior chimney repairs
• Chimney replacements and rebuilds
• Chimney lining
• Chimney cowls

Inspecting your chimney for future problems.

To save you money on huge repair bills, we can fully inspect your chimney for any tell-tale signs of wear and tear. By identifying the problems early, we won't give them the chance to escalate to cause you an inconvenience. Get in touch with us in today

epdm flat roofing

Flat roofing has, in the past, always had a poor reputation for being leaky, unreliable roofs with high maintenance costs.

Modern flat roofs are no longer like this! With the advent and use of new technology and materials, flat roofs across Hampshire are becoming increasingly popular. Flat roofs are now cost effective roofing solutions, with many manufacturers of the various materials offering long guarantees providing the roof is installed correctly.

MEB Roofing Services provides flat roofing installation services throughout Scotland and the North of England. We can also maintain and repair all flat roofing structures:

Leaking – a leak in the top layer will obvious in the room below, although the stain on the ceiling will not correspond with the damage on the outside of the roof. With the various layers within the flat roof structure, the water will have a longer path to reach the ceiling and will travel throughout the layers.

Ponding – a common cause of leaks is ineffective drainage which can be attributed to a variety of factors. Poor maintenance along with poor installation can cause rainwater to gather and sit for long periods of time of the flat roof. Ponding in excess of 25mm will begin to cause significant damage.

Gravel – many early examples of flat roofing was covered in gravel as a protective outer layer. Discoloured gravel in one particular place or places can be an indication that there is water filtering through the outer layers, making its way through to the inside. Wear and tear over time – flat roofs, like all shapes and roof structure, do not last forever although they will last longer if well maintained. Condensation from within the building can cause problems with the internal structure of the flat roof, which can also cause it to fail.

If you are looking to refurbish or build a new flat roof, look at the variety of materials and technologies that we can offer! MEB Roofing Services can provide flat roofing structures throughout Hampshire.

guttering and fascias

Guttering is an essential part of our home. It is the external furniture attached the outside of our homes and businesses that channels rainwater away from the structure as quickly and efficiently as possible. Failure to maintain or repair guttering can lead to significant problems, both externally and internally.

Many Hampshire properties, still have the cast iron gutters and downpipes, synonymous with older properties. When these breakdown or corrode, it can be possible to replace them with similar looking pipes and gutters, but they are made from uPVC.

uPVC is a robust yet flexible material that when fixed correctly to your property will provide years of problem-free service. Not only does MEB Roofing Services replace guttering, we also repair and maintain it. There are many common problems that are all quickly and easily resolved:

Sagging gutters – many gutters are not fixed correctly to the outside of a property. Frequently, the required number of brackets of fixings is not used and the weight of the water causes the gutter to sag. Likewise, the gutter should have a ‘run off slope’ to it; the gutter should be fixed at a slight angle, almost invisible to the naked eye and yet it causes the water to rung freely away. If the angle is not correct or the gutter has been fixed level, then water will pool, adding unwanted weight to the gutter.

Poor or inefficient maintenance – gutters need regular inspections and also cleaning if your property is located near deciduous trees. The shedding of leaves and other matter can quickly accumulate in gutter causing blockages that prevent the free draining of rain water.

Leaks – leaking rainwater from guttering can mean the property walls can quickly become stained. Over prolonged period, this rainwater can lead to damp inside the house too.

We can:
• Replace guttering of any size, type or material
• Provide ongoing cleaning, maintenance and repair of gutters on negotiated contract terms for a wide variety of clients
• Provide our guttering services across Scotland and the north of England

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